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Broken Pieces.. Victory a new vision of healing

Submitted by Chairborne Arts

Client: Chairborne Arts

Location: Englewood, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Stephen Farland

Chairborne Arts


Brian Sartor


Victory is the first monumental sculptural art made entirely of chairs in the human form, in the post COVID world we need a new vision of everyone coming together large and small everyone counts. Peace through Pieces ! The Victory Angles range from 16 to 26 feet tall, the artist Brian Sartor never repeats himself while making each of the 7 soldiers of peace. Many of the chairs were once living trees in the European Beechwood forests during WWII. The construction was accomplished using minimal screws and glue and the chair parts support themselves.


My initial goal was to build monumental scale soldiers made entirely from new chair frames and parts used to assemble chairs and barstools from Shafer Commercial Seating factory in Denver, Colorado. We wanted to build a world-class masterpiece and integrating international design that communicated peace and love by creating a scale of a child to a parent which is how you see Victory when you stand in front and look up. they inspire “the human spirit to go forward through all adversity.”


It was1990, I walked into a dimly lit warehouse, the sun shined through the doorway and the dust motes danced, I was blessed with this vision of giant soldiers made of chairs and as the light replaced the darkness what I saw was 10,000 chairs randomly stacked but the vision of these soldiers was burned into my mind. Early 2014 while reflecting how my wife struggled to save Mary Stover, a 94-year-old WWII Army veteran from elder abuse (Mary lived to be 100) I had cried out God, I need an army to fight these bastards and that’s when I heard, build it now!
It had been 24 years and that spiritual feeling I had so many years before now surrounded me like the air just before thunderstorm! I placed an ad in Craigslist looking for an artists to help me bring my vision to life, I met Brian Sartor a Canadian born artist and it was crystal clear to me he was the artist I had prayed for. I handed him the key, paid him and over the next 3 years we became chairvoyant together and the Victory Art was born from the broken pieces.

Additional Information

"After you get over that initial shock... then you move into the genius of it... fashioned into these gigantic totems that make the world stand up and be counted, they make us look. This is a metaphor that says there is a solution to the world problems we have... these broken pieces can be fixed and repaired and formulated into a whole recognizable body. That's what's so powerful about this exhibit." ED DWIGHT World Renowned Sculptor / Astronaut