Submitted by Michael Dillon


Client: City of Milton

Location: Milton, GA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Jim Cregge

City of Milton Parks and Recreation Director


City of Milton

City of Milton


Michael Dillon


“Victory” was forge from three, 300 pound pieces of 6″ billet iron on century old industrial hammers. Standing 12' tall, 6' wide and 3' deep weighing 1200 pounds.


Located in a round-a-bout in a sports oriented park. The concept is to depict the universal emotion of Victory. The victory stance is common to all people across the globe. From one side, the sculpture portrays the jubilant celebration, looking upward. From the other side, a more introspective view of victory is portrayed. The city wanted an image that would represent the park... one that could be used on programs, uniforms, etc. This, Milton's maiden public sculpture, has been adopted as the park and youth programs symbol.


Renovation of Bell Memorial Park into a world class facility as an active-use park with four baseball fields, as well as soccer, football and lacrosse fields, pavilions, picnic areas, parking, concessions and a playground. The City of Milton asked Michael to develop sculpture that spoke to these activities. "Victory" was realized through a series of drawings and a hand forged scale model. Throughout the process, community groups were invited to the studio for discussions and demonstrations. Social media videos also gave a broad range of engagement with the public. The construction collaboration was fluid and successful.

Additional Information

This project also involved four wall mounted panels that depict the different sport played at the park. You may view more about the "Sports Panels" as an additional project.