Ven a la Luz

Submitted by Daniel Popper


Client: Artwithme

Location: Tulum, Mexico

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Robert Bernicchi

Now now


Samuel Murgatroyd

Now now


Daniel Popper

P0p productions


“Ven a la Luz ” come into light, the entrance way to the artwithme festival in Tulum . The 8 meter tall sculpture was made of wood and steel and the enterior was covered in Kush greenery. The piece will be permanently installed at ahau Tulum resort.


The piece was intended as the entrance way to the festival area it also contained a string message to raise awareness toward our relationship with nature both externally and within ourselves.


The piece was created with a team of 4 from South Africa. Brett Blake, Robert Bernicchi, Samuel Murgatroyd and Daniel Popper. The piece was commissioned by artwithme and made possible with the help of David Graziano and Matt Caine.

Additional Information

The project recieved an award sponsored by GNP for the best emerging international artist. It Was ins tallied in 2019 permanently as the entrance way to AHAU resort in Tulum.