Urban Eclipse - CODAworx

Urban Eclipse



Location: Lexington, KY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $16,000

Project Team


Helene Steene

Helene Steene Studio


Charles P. Taylor

Song writer

Art Consultant

Becky Neal Ochenkoski

Tribeca Trunk


Urban Eclipse, 10 x 4,5 feet, oil glazes, natural mineral pigments, acrylic gold, charcoal, marble dust, metal, wood on wood panels. Panels can be separated to show 2,5 inch sides as well, in a variety of groupings. The circular eclipse are repeated through the piece, that can lead the eye to continue beyond the work itself. The shiny nails in the painted parts are repeated in the metal panels, which glow when lit with spot lights or in daylight. A strong sense of translucency create a subtle depth to lead you in to the piece for more discoveries.


When using panels there is really no limit to the size of a piece. This work was a continued exploration of circular forms, but with a different color choice and more translucencies. The subtle use of many layered oil glazes over marble dust and charcoal is frequently used by the artist, sometimes with intense colors, but in this case staying with a limited color scheme, incorporating some acrylic gold tones. Her use of sanded aluminum is often incorporated in her paintings, but in this case, she decided to arrange the metal on separate panels, to not overwhelm the soft, horizontal line work on the other panels. The piece can hang in two groups, 3 and 3, or all spread out, as the design caries from panel to panel.


The work was created in the studio by artist in solitude, but when asking for title suggestions from friends, it was interesting to see the different feelings that were provoked. Stilled pendulum, fire and air, were two suggestions. Some saw urban speed, the artist herself, and others saw it as calm and more introspective, and a continuation of her eclipse series, hence the title became a mix of the two, Urban Eclipse. The piece will eventually find the perfect home, as most of her large pieces tend to do, whether commercial or private.