Uppspretta - CODAworx


Submitted by Dejo Toyist


Client: Municipality of Reykjanesbær

Location: Keflavik, Iceland

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Dejo Toyist

Toyism Studio


Lodieteb Toyist

Toyism Studio


Ollafinah Toyist

Toyism Studio


Toyism Studio was free in the design choices. The design of the former water tower tells of The Legend of Uppspretta. It is about a young puffin's journey into adulthood. Integrated into the design are local subjects, like the puffin, mythology, solar ship (local art work). The tower is 29.5 ft. high, has a circumference of 118 ft. and a square footage of 3481 ft.


The former water tower was no longer functioning. The municipality didn't know what to do with it, several other parties had tried to give it a new purpose. Toyism Studio took the initiavite to approach the municipality with the proposal of turning it into an artwork. The municipality approved the proposal. Toyism Studio was free in the design choices. Now Uppspretta functions as a local attraction.


Toyism Studio made the design and the artwork. The municipality of Reykjanesbær paid for the scaffolding. Toyism Studio set up crowdfunding to fund the supplies.

Additional Information

During the project 11 toyist from 6 different countries worked on the tower. Toyism Studio always makes the designs and does the paintwork with toyism artists only.