Upper West Penthouse - CODAworx

Upper West Penthouse

Submitted by Kathryn Scott Design Studio Ltd

Client: Sapan - Foley

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Interior Designer

Kathryn Scott

Kathryn Scott Design Studio


David Foley

Foley Fiore

Industry Resource

Jake Ducharme



The project was a penthouse on the upper west side of Manhattan. It was a unique space that required a great deal of customization, as the apartment is tucked into the mansard rooftop of the building. The dimensions and nooks, with the exposed steel structure, inspired unusual uses of space. Additionally, the client had specific requirements for the loft-like space that informed the design decisions.


The goals for integrating these custom metalwork pieces into the project were varied. The client wanted the window seats to sit at sill height, which was an atypical height for seating. To remove visual weight, Kathryn suggested they move the seats 'off the floor,' and thus inspired the swing-like design. They also wanted to create a cozy dining area within a raised floor area, which began the inspiration for the banquette area.


David Foley, the architect, recommended the metalworker, Jake Ducharme. He had the original idea to add window seats, but it took all three collaborators to refine the final 'swing' design that Jake executed. In designing the cozy dining area that the clients' desired, Foley was inspired by the asymmetrical installations of Richard Serra's Corten steel structures to create a custom metal installation around a banquette. The angle variations and complex curves created complications when it came to executing the upholstered seating within, and required further collaboration by the upholstery fabricator, Edward Ferrell Louis Mittman, to finalize the perfect completion.