Submitted by Paul Santoleri

Client: Buerger Center for Pediatric Care, CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Joseph Kiernan

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Designed for the curved wall of the Cafe at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the space, decor, design is intended to soothe, calm and distract the patients and their families while under the care of the doctors and specialists at the facility. Size: 12 x 40 ft.


The curved surface was part of the challenge for this project, as well as the imagery constraints to serve the public that would experience the artwork in the sensitive environment of the Pediatric Care facility.


The artist and designer, Paul Santoleri, created the artwork for the piece with periodic review from a panel that represented all of the factions at the facility, nurses, doctors, administrators, architect, etc. Ironically, this was all completed through Skype Conferences, while Paul was artist-in-residence at the Chateau de Trosse Barriere, in Briare, France.

Additional Information

The piece was created in 1/100th the scale, an acrylic painting depicting the buildings and trees of Philadelphia, the theme of children in movement was emphasized in this and all of the other design projects in the facility. The piece was created and then scanned, digitally adjusted, enlarged and digitally printed to fit the curved surface that reflects the shape of the building. The artwork was printed on long sheets of vinyl with a UV coating, and mounted in place.