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Unus Mundus_the spirit of the piece is the potential for dialogue

Client: City of Boston Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Monika Bravo

Design / Concept / Production / Documentation


Mayer of Munich

Glass & Mosaics / Installation / Documentation

Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture

Sarah Rodrigo

Production Manager

Sana López Abellán


Tripyramid Structures

Plate & Hardware

Public Facilties Dept. Boston

Brian Melia


Jim Vogel & Josiah Stevenson

Leers, Weinzapfel Associates


Bianca Mauro

BRM Production Management


“Unus Mundus_the spirit of the piece is the potential for dialogue,” a kaleidoscopic mixed media installation by the artist Monika Bravo, was installed in the Area A-7 Police Station in East Boston in March of 2022. The work is a combination of glass and mosaics and includes imagery of archival photographs and maps that represent the history, economy and culture of East Boston. UNUS MUNDUS, Latin for “One World”, is the Jungian concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns.


With COURAGE, find a VOCATION EMBODYING Your PERSPECTIVE to SERVE in COMMUNITY; the shapes of the suspended float glass are abstractions of the words in bold. The letters consist of three shapes: a square, a circle, and a quarter circle. The concept for the letters is based on the modular typeface “Kombinations-Schrift,” created by the artist Josef Albers in 1923 for the Bauhaus movement. Bravo invites viewers to move around the space and experience the shifting perspectives. By interacting physically with the work, the viewer can embody the potential for transformation – using movement and language to promote dialogue. The historical imagery, printed directly onto ceramic tiles incorporated into the mosaics, adds layers of meaning for reflection.


Bravo worked closely with artisans at Mayer of Munich to render her colorful and complex designs in mosaic and glass materials. An additional part of the process involved a community engagement workshop. Bravo created an art-based project to explore emotions, perspectives, and sensations in the body. She offered a safe and whimsical space for participants, through language and self-inquiry, to discover their unique gifts, embrace their authentic selves and consider ways to serve their community.

Additional Information

Bravo creates mesmerizing environments for public spaces. Her vision is a synthesis of all disciplines and her holistic art practice spans the applied and fine arts. She enjoys directing and producing diverse projects, from complex multi-media installations and public art commissions to artists’ books, textile design, and community workshops. First photo credit: Monika Bravo