Untitled, Woven Sanctuary Project - CODAworx

Untitled, Woven Sanctuary Project

Submitted by Daniel Ostrov

Client: Stephen A. Klein Wellness Center (Project Home)

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Meg Saligman

Meg Saligman Productions


Elliot Lamborn


Juan Dimida

Meg Saligman Productions


This series of sculptures are part of a collaborative project entitled “Woven Sanctuary”, sponsored by philanthropic organization, Project Home and Meg Saligman Studios. Project Home broke ground on The Stephen Klein Wellness Center, a new facility “committed to addressing the health and wellness needs of people who are currently homeless, formerly homeless, and people living in our North Philadelphia community”.


Suspended in the main entrance vestibule, the sculptures evoke a spirit of unity and symbolize the fabric of the community. The pieces are meant to welcome patients into The Wellness Center and encourage community members to utilize the facilities and its amenities. It is visible from several areas outside the building and is the focal point of a highly trafficked intersection. The sculptures are also visible at night with the aid of indoor spotlights.


We were approached to join this project by Philadelphia artist, Meg Saligman. During a series of initial meetings and studio visits we discussed the overall scope and spirt of the project. Later, computer aided design renderings were created by architectural graduate Elliott Lamborn. These drawings became the basis for fabrication.