Unparallel Way

Submitted by Emily Weiskopf


Client: NYC DOT Urban Art

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Industry Resource

Milgo Bufkin

Milgo Bufkin


Katherine Gressel

Old Stone House


Emily Colasacco

Dept of Transportation


Unparallel Way interprets life and its ups and downs in a true state of mind while humorously twisting the yellow line that is suppose to “take you there” into a comment on itself and holds open the nature of the paths we follow and the landscape that it creates which becomes the hills and valleys to create our own personal horizon lines as the road rises to meet us. Unparallel Way was installed at 4th Ave and 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY in October 2013 – Sept 2014.

Powder-coated aluminum,
140 Ft. Length, heights at varied from 1ft – 5ft. 1ft Width; comprised of 26 separate pieces bolted to concrete with no separate base.


Brooklyn Utopias - In Transit-ion responds to differing visions of ideal urban transportation systems, or proposing their own was curated by Katherine Gressel and exhibited at the Old Stone House in Brooklyn NY. Partnering with the NYC Department of Transportation Urban Art Program as the grant winner for a temporary public art installation to me installed on the traffic medians that integrated these concept to the public and Unparallel Way was chosen.


The process was primarily an independent process with myself as the artist. As I solely developed the concept and design of Unparallel Way which was inspired from at smaller existing sculpture. I then worked with Milgo Bufkin to fabricate the work.

Additional Information

Unparallel Way has been written about in over 30 countries and included in 3 publications, Highlike, Urban Designs II and Brooklyn Utopias. Unparallel Way is now on temporary loan at the CT Governors Residence in Hartford, CT.