University of Mississippi, Art Museum - CODAworx

University of Mississippi, Art Museum

Submitted by Keith Francis


Client: University of Mississippi

Location: Oxford, MS, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team




Keith Francis

Francis Art


Stainless Steel and Steel I beams, 80″ X 96″ X 12″


To create a visual sculpture to promote the universities art museum and engage public and student conversation.


Collaborated with the universities museum director, faculty, custom fabrication business and logistic delivery firm.

Additional Information

Reflections of Being is a contemporary sculpture examining ones life and our impact 
on the world. This reflection is to put forth the proposition that human experiences consciousness through filters and sensory stimulation. In today's world we are engaged 
in an ever-increasing flow of sensory stimulation overflow from the cell phone, web, television and tablets. My aim was to slow down the overflow for a moment, and allow the viewer to relax, meditate and embrace the reflections and changes.