‘Unfinished Mystery; Life in the digital age’ - CODAworx

‘Unfinished Mystery; Life in the digital age’

Submitted by David Kenworthy


Location: Fremantle, Australia

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


David Kenworthy


Steve Kilbey

The Time Being


Josh Duram

Design For Life


My installation 'Unfinished Mystery; Life in the digital age' is a series of 6 self illuminating text sculptures that hang vertically or horizontally. The artworks are made from laser cut acrylic sheet and black epoxy resin. The lights in the artworks are 12volt LEDs. The artworks create a question in the mind of the viewer whether they are art or design.


Creating an interactive series of artworks that inspire people to find meaning in the mundacity of modern life. The text on the artworks encourages people to take up a creative act and make music, films, stories, artworks as a means of making new connections with people.


Myself David Kenworthy covered all aspects of the artworks. From designing and constructing the artworks to writing the text for the artworks. Installing the lighting systems and hanging the artworks in various environments.

Additional Information

The installation has been set up in a number of different exhibitions and light festivals and biennales in Australia and Germany. The installation has been seen by over 100,000 people in Australia and over 50,000 people in Frankfurt and Berlin. Over the next couple of years hopefully it will be set up in cities all over the world.