Undershaft to Bishopsgate - CODAworx

Undershaft to Bishopsgate

Submitted by Kevin Vucic-Shepherd

Client: Hiscox Insurance

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Kevin Vucic-Shepherd


Whitney Hintz



The aim was to help Hiscox Insurance rediscover their world. Their familiar could be beautiful and engaging, just by looking a different way. By removing perspective the familiar becomes new, the mundane extraordinary. 300cm * 200cm Lamda on Daisec


The commission's purpose was to show the world of Hiscox. It is a portrait of a place. It celebrates the offices, kitchens receptions, boardrooms galleries and machine rooms. It celebrates the CEO, the managers, the receptionists, the cleaners the office workers, the builders the tourists. It is a modern Bruegel.


Hiscox gave me carte blanch to explore their building and to capture as much life as I could. Details are vital and so the scale of the image is important. It is a photographic dolls house. The work required thousands of photographs taken over multiple site visits. This enabled Hiscox to become used to me and to relax into their normal selves.

Additional Information

Hiscox are so happy with this Art piece that in 2017 Hiscox commissioned me for a second photograph of a building in York.