Ubiquitous #1 - CODAworx

Ubiquitous #1

Submitted by Gustavo Tovar

Client: Art Prize 2022

Location: Grand Rapids , MI, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Kinetic sculpture

Ubiquitous horn torus # 1

As an artist with this series of work, I am attracted to the idea of how matter, space and the
spectator can coexist individually; simultaneously one depends on the other one to give
meaning to other physic concepts like time and movement.

In this series of work, I am building Kinetic sculptures utilizing all sorts of available
materials.Utilizing as well diverse shapes and patterns, that I can use to recreate different
geometric figures inside the space; at the same time I am changing the space. I am also
intrigued and have ideas to use different color combinations or light; this will intensify the
movement characterized by Kinetic sculptures or installations


So , what is a Torus?
The shape known as a ‘Torus’ is a type of vortex. Comes from the Latin meaning swelling. In sacred
geometry it is the first shape to emerge from the Genesis Pattern. The Torus is found in everything from
atoms, to life forms and even in all cosmic bodies such as stars and galaxies. It is the primary shape in
existence. For many years seers have taught that the human aura appears as a series of nested torus
formations around the body. Energy flows through the center of the body and loops around to connect the
feet and head. The flow from the feet to the head is bidirectional. The energy is flowing through the
surface of the torus and inside in a spiraling pattern, this is why sacred geometry shape is shown with
curves lines through the middle, while also adding the illusion of a 3D perspective to the 2D depiction.
The Torus is a 2D depiction of a 3-dimensional shape, like many other sacred geometry forms. The 3D
shape is known as a horn torus. The image of the Torus explains how something starts as a descent from
spirit, or an ascent from matter, through a central channel or tube of light/energy/consciousness. The
energy of the object can only go so far in one direction before it doubles back on itself, returning to its
source, going forward again, achieving