Twirling Blues - CODAworx

Twirling Blues

Submitted by Jean Marie Judd


Location: United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $34,000

Project Team


Private Art Collector


Hand Stitched Thread on Commercial Textile – 90.5″ x 102.5″ (66cm x 70cm). This commission piece, Twirling Blues, is based off the pinwheel design. Instead of using hundreds of different fabrics, this one utilizes twelve creating almost a kaleidoscope type design. Intricate hand stitching creates three muted secondary designs which are only visible on closer inspection of the artwork.


It is intended to be hung on a large two-story wall. The piece has been designed to also be displayed in a horizontal configuration, at the request of collectors, so that it can be shown with a distinct new appearance. It is a dramatic statement piece and a new direction in their fine art collection.


The collectors who commissioned this work gave the artist complete artistic control in the construction and completion of the artwork. The artist was shown the area where the artwork would be displayed for setting dimensions. Process images were shared via email during the two year process.