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Tuition Increase

Submitted by Joshua Duncan

Client: The Sower Newspaper

Location: Seward, U.S.A.

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Joshua Duncan


Rebecca McCracken

Former Student Editor, :The Sower Newspaper


A graphic design project for the student newspaper of Concordia University, Nebraska, commissioned by the paper's Student Editor for a news story.


The goal was to create a pleasing page layout with an eye-catching image, which related to the content of the story visually. Readability, creativity, and unobtrusiveness were important to help this image work well with the other elements on the page.


The Student Editor and journalists in charge of layout and design were important to collaborate with, ensuring proper size, the look in greyscale, and placement next to other stories. This was created in Photoshop after showing sketches of three possibilities to the newspaper staff.