Truss - CODAworx


Submitted by Scott Goss

Client: Dalad Collection

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $17,000

Project Team

Artist, Designer, Engineer, Fabricator

Scott Goss Studio


Dalad Collection


Liz Maugans


This project features an illuminated linear sculpture that wraps the entrance way to a downtown Cleveland rooftop patio. It features over 10,000 programmed LED’s that run in a gradient of colors, lightening the pathway for viewers and residents of the apartment building. Designed, engineered and fabricated by Scott Goss Studios, the piece is constructed from a stainless steel spine that is wrapped with a white polycarbonate tubing. The LED’s are situated between these two materials, allowing the piece to glow in the evening hours and remain a sturdy structure for the harsh Cleveland weather.


The goals of this project consisted of developing an interactive sculpture that engaged the residents of the apartment building, as well as the rooftop sculpture garden. The artist sought to bring in elements of the surrounding landscape by referencing the many bridges within view of the deck.