Triumph - CODAworx



Client: Richardson Properties

Location: Bentonville, AR, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Hunter Brown

Richardson Properties


Keith Richardson

Rich-Smith Development


Triumph is a modern stainless steel sculpture with powder coated and polished elements. The piece stands feet tall and is installed in a round about near Regional Airport Road in Bentonville, AR.


The city wanted a modern piece that would make a statement and function and a landmark. The area is growing and the properties adjacent to the roundabout are to be developed into an outlet mall and shopping destination. One of the biggest challenges for the design was to create a piece with movement that was strong from every angle.


I was approached by the Public Art Committee of Bentonville, AR and Richardson Properties about the roundabout project. After meeting with both parties to get a better understanding of the vision for the project I began the design process. I submitted several digital schematic designs for the committee to select from and the decision was unanimous. The Triumph design was selected and built over the following 3 months. Constructing complex forms at this scale with limited equipment and minimal help was quite the challenge but the challenge was well accepted.

Additional Information

Triumph was hand cut, hand shaped, welded, and polished by sculpture artist Hunter Brown along with assistant Kaylee Dewees. Innovative Sculpture Studio takes pride in the fact that every design is designed and built in house by the artist.