Triskelion - CODAworx

Client: Municipality of Palermo

Location: Palermo, Italy

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Creator of the work

Alessio Cassaro

Antaless Visual Design


Municipality of Palermo

Municipality of Palermo


A cascade of luminous fantasies declined on the facade of the Politeama Garibaldi Theatre.
Perfect virtuosity of those who, like me, deeply love this city.
An opportunity to bring out its living and authentic soul, as well as archaic: the Triscele.
This Celtic symbol, which inspired the Trinacria, coincides with movement, with its layered meanings, it is a figure of eternal becoming, of the continuity of life-death-rebirth that governs the cosmos.
And it is a magical sign, a talisman that protects those who carry it with them.


Enhance the neoclassical monument through the contemporary art of video mapping.


The municipality called us to represent our visual art on one of the symbolic monuments of the city of Palermo.

Additional Information

To see the video in 4k quality you can visit our official youtube channels "Antaless Visual Design"