Trillium Mobile - CODAworx

Trillium Mobile

Submitted by Teresa Aversa

Client: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Teresa Aversa

Art and Objects


Rob Baytor

Art and Objects


We approached this custom artwork with the intent of creating a suspended art piece that is visually interesting and will become a destination for guests. The unique location of this work creates endless possibilities to play with scale, materials and movement. The composition references the unique coffered ceiling above as well as the incredible outdoor garden behind it. Taking the official flower of Ontario, the Great White Trillium, as reference – we have explored a composition that celebrates this shape. The trillium flowers were constructed in four different sizes and are suspended by aircraft cable to emphasize the appearance of them elegantly cascading from the sky.


We created a custom canopy that served as an anchor to the mobile constructed from aluminum. The Mobile features over 400 individual ‘Trillium Flowers’. The canopy has been strategically placed so that guests who are standing against the railings on the main/2nd floor or using the escalators cannot reach the hanging flowers or aircraft cable. The canopy supports 16 strings of flowers and consists of 8 anchor points. Each string and placement of the flowers were individually mapped to work cohesively with the mobile as a whole.


The resin cast fibreglass flowers were initially casted in resin, sanded, and then powercoated to create a flawless finishing and a brass rod was added to maintain overall balance. An opalescent clear glaze was applied to the surface. The flowers vary in 4 sizes from 6"-24" diameter.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 30' L x 30' W x 44' H Total weight for canopy and trilliums approx: 4800-5300 lbs Weight of Trilliums (only): 900-1390lbs Weight of Canopy: Approx 3600-3800lbs Total production time for this project was 12-14 weeks.