Tribute - CODAworx


Client: American Legion Memorial Stadium, Arts & Science Council

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $221,000

Project Team

Design / Project management

Simon Donovan

Design /Fabrication

Ben Olmstead


An interactive, double-sided relief/transparent wall. Utilizing a technique of undulating laser-cut vertical slices that are held apart to create an interactive perception of forms. It reads from fully realized representations to near invisibility. On one side depictions of five branches of the military, on the other – a close-up of a waving American flag. The intent is to have the shadow of each side’s fully realized forms bleed through, while also maintaining a transparent fence quality. It’s a sculptural magic trick.

American Legion Memorial Stadium, Charlotte, NC
Powder-coated steel, 10′ x 52′ x 16″


This project was coordinated with the renovation of the stadium. A space was provided for a sculpture honoring veterans to be seen behind a fence. We decided to make the fence itself the sculpture.


This relief-sculptural fence required collaboration with stadium architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, and local American Legion members.