Submitted by MELT

Client: PRO8L3M

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Kuba Matyka



Kamila Staszczyszyn



Wojtek Urbanski



TRIANGLED is an immersive sensory light tunnel. Watching the whole structure as it wakes up and builds up to the climax is an audiovisual feast. Raw and digital. Only when you come inside, the sensation change completely. You become the center of the experience. It encompasses you with hundreds of animated lights and spatial sound, you can forget the real world for a moment. It immediately feels alive. It was designed as an entrance into immersive album premiere we created for the band PRO8L3M.


TRIANGLED was preparing guests for the whole experience, but it became a standalone point of interest, that guests went back to again and again. It proved to be perfect start for the experiential journey for the fans, and a real social media magnet.


Triangled started as the idea of sensory entrance, but it grew to become a standalone piece.
We designed it in 3D environment, where we built an exact simulation of the installation in scale. We animated every single light using field systems and particle simulations in 3D space to create the spatial sensation.
After testing it in life-size VR simulation, we rendered the simplified version from every axis for Urbanski to create the soundscape. We used 6-channel sound system to increase the immersion encompass the audience in the experience.
Finally, we wrote a script to render all the lights in 3D space to a lowres pixelmap and programmed the LED strips. It was built on site and disassembled after the installation. Right now, we are working on TRIANGLED 2.0.

Additional Information

A video of the raw experience -