Trellis - CODAworx


Submitted by E J Davis Aesthetics


Client: Sharon Milikowsky

Location: New Haven, DC, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $23,000

Project Team


Erich Davis

E J Davis Aesthetics


Alison K. Walsh


Phil Lique

No Pop


Design, fabricate and install a hand forged steel rose trellis for the South end of residence. Overall finished dimensions were 12'H x 22'W x 6″D.


My client was interested in highlighting the south wing of her New Haven home with a decorative trellis that could support and shape her freshly planted Rose Garden. The collaborative design process considered the client's aesthetic preferences as well as physical parameters regarding the structural integrity of the wall.


The initial design phase was presented in pencil sketch format as a stylistic barometer to determine my client's visual preferences. From this initial reference point Sharon and I were able to narrow the focus to one design direction as we discussed the variety of options iteratively refined the design over several rounds of presentations. The final design was then presented as an "in situ" mockup of how the final piece would look on the south wall. Once approved, myself and my fabrication teammate Alison went to work on forging each scroll to match our full sized templates of the entire piece. Once the entire piece was assembled and finished, the installation team was assembled and we were able to successfully install the work in one day.