Tree of Wisdom


Client: Regis University, Denver, CO

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2009

Project Team


Alexander Tylevich

Tylevich Studio Inc

Industry Resource

Hadi Sajadi


“Tree of Wisdom” is a 40-foot tall sculpture incorporating an 11-foot tall bronze and steel spiral, evocative of the Tree of Life and the DNA double helix.


A 40-foot tall sculpture of highly polished steel and bronze, “Tree of Wisdom” serves as a focal point at the Regis University campus in Denver. It stands at the entrance to the science building as a clarion call to life-long learning.

Rising from the plaza with its mainmast central column and “rays” of steel cables, suggesting a vessel at sea or the interconnecting strands of wisdom, the cross is encircled by its steel and bronze tree-of-life spiral, mirrored by a companion spiral on the plaza floor.

As the viewer follows the lines of the spiral, numerous images in bas-relief honor Jesuit accomplishments in scientific research: a cannonball transforming into a broken sword, numerals (some in Braille), letters in various alphabets, tree leaves depicting the four seasons (the veins resembling an EKG, a violin, human profiles, a Russian onion dome); also the moon in its phases, a flowering camellia, a mouse, a frog and other elements, all created with respect to Jesuit contributions to science and rendered with a sense of whimsy.


This multi-faceted sculpture can be seen afresh from various angles on campus evoking curiosity and wonder, whether at a distance or up-close where its detailed content is more clearly revealed.

Additional Information

The sculpture is unified with its location through its companion spiral on the plaza floor and its embedded glass and bronze letters, numerals and symbols, along with an inspirational message from Teilhard De Chardin.