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Tree of Life

Submitted by Marek Jacisin


Client: Carrasco & Associates

Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $11,000

Project Team


Marek Jacisin


Carrasco & Associates


I was commissioned to design and make a ceramic mural for the Carrasco & Associates architectural firm. The mural is installed at the main entrance of the building at 325 Lytton Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, California.
The whole designing process involved learning about Tollwood Venture Capital headquatered at the new building.
I've visually translated company motto “There is a tree in each seed” to mural with 2 main elements of the tree and seed.


The mural is installed at the main entrance of the building in downtown Palo Alto. My design had to match look and feel of the new contemporary building. I drew numerous sketches "trying on for the right fit" in the lengthy creative design process.
In the first 2 designs, I took original logo and simplified the lines and elements to create a cleaner look.
Third design is result of my artistic vision in which I used my appreciation of simple elegant geometrical forms, creating clean and powerful visual image complimenting building architecture.


There was close collaboration with the architects from Carrasco & Associates, working together on the design revisions, color pallet and installation.