Tree Lace - CODAworx

Tree Lace


Client: Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices

Location: Berkeley, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Art Consultant

Chandra Cerrito


Melissa Borrell


During the winter in Providence, RI, I began photographing the tree branches as they appeared against the backdrop of the winter sky. The intersecting lines and shapes attracted me. I wanted to translate this imagery of the trees into a 3 dimensional artwork that “cast shadows” the same way the tree branches cast shadows on the sidewalk. Starting with the photographs of the tree branches, I began playing with the images. I manipulated the images on the computer exploring the shapes and simplifying them to create this “lace” shape.


My goal as an artist is to create memorable experiences and magical spaces that invite people to slow down, wonder and smile. With my experience bringing artwork into hospitals, I am uniquely attuned to the healing qualities of art. I am excited to create artworks that are integrated into the physical space of the healthcare spaces and reflect the growing community of patients, visitors and staff of healing spaces.