Treacherous Crossing - CODAworx

Client: MCAD, City of El Paso

Location: El Paso, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team


Julio Sanchez De Alba

Museums and Cultural Affairs Department



The bronze and granite sculpture depicts the events of the Rapido River crossing in 1944 by the Men of Company E, a group of young soldiers from El Paso, TX that were sent to Southern Italy on a tragic mission amidst World War II. The sculpture presents the scene of a soldier that is wounded and helped by his companion. The squad leader is depicted leading the way to Monte Casino as they are covered by two other soldiers resisting heavy enemy fire. Additionally, the names of all soldiers of the Men of Company E are highlighted in one of the sides of the sculpture. The Rapido River crossing is described by historians as one of the most unsurmountable mission’s of World War II and is credited as one of the reasons the battle was one. Tragically, the Men of Company E, now referred to as the Fallen Sons of El Paso, were killed in the attempt to cross a waterway saturated with barbed wire, mines, and artillery.


The sculpture pays homage to the fallen soldiers of the Men of Company E and hopes to capture the strength, bravery and struggle of the young heroes. The monument serves as a place of honor, closure, and gratitude to not only the soldiers, but their family members who are often seen visiting the sculpture to pay respect and honor the history and memory of their family member.