Traverse City Jazz - CODAworx

Traverse City Jazz

Submitted by Chris Triola

Client: Drs. Simon

Location: Traverse City, MI, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Chris Triola

Chris Triola Designs


John Balasis

Balasis Building


7' x 16' textile mural composed of five panels of pieced, stitched and fused layers of
studio produced cotton fabrics. Fabrics are designed from patterns found in the
environment, then knit, cut, arranged and fused in place. Each piece is top-stitched in place and then fused one last time on finished backing. Each panel is stretched on
wooden stretcher bars for final wall mount.


This was a private commission for a jazz pianist to improve the acoustic quality in his
open-spaced living room. No design requirements were requested other than size. I used four elements in planning the piece. A) the music – jazz – a syncopated rhythm = diagonal movement, loud and soft graphic areas. b) the setting –?Traverse Bay view
through window wall behind piano = turquoise, forested shore lines = green. C) the
physical space – minimalist with a clean geometry = a calm border containing the central field. D) the purpose of place – musical score, a graphic composition read left to right.


Collaboration was minimal – professional carpenters to stretch and mount the finalized panels.

Additional Information

Combining the elements of my personal expression (textiles) with the spacial and spiritual needs of others provides the exciting creative challenge behind my work and takes me back to my roots as a painter. All elements are carefully considered for a genuine depth of expression in each final project.