Translation 3

Submitted by ATOMIC3


Client: City of Montreal

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $275,000

Project Team


Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun



Felix Dagenais



Francois Ferland Bilodeau



Elsa Marsot

Ville de Montreal

Art Consultant

Lionel Arnould


Permanent Light artwork integrated to the facade of the St-Michel Library, third of a series of 4 art pieces presented on landmark sites of Villeray-Parc-Extension-St-Michel neighborhood in Montreal. The common language of all 4 sites are lines of light, lines of transportation that were extremely diverse and shaped the neighborhood in different ways. From the tram era to the car with the highway splitting its old city center in 2 parts, as well as the subway that densified the area. The giant light canvas is meant to express the history of the neighborhood, in a metaphoric way.


The goal of the competition was to use the facade of the building. But since it is a patrimonial building (especially its brick curtain wall), our main goal was to keep it actual appearance in the day time. It was achieved by using slim lighting fixtures integrated to the mullion, and by grazing the brick facade sideways. The idea of lighting sideway brought a very poetic perspective to the piece because it allows to express 2 sides of the personality of the neighborhood: very smooth, indirect light, evanescent, but also direct light, more techno, loud and glary. This means it is possible to have 2 opposite reading of the same light sequence, depending on where the piece is observed from.