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Transition Mirrors

Client: Time Kommune

Location: Kverneland, Norway

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $60,500

Project Team

Art Consultant

Torunn Thrall


Time Kommune

Time Kommune


“Transition Mirrors” draws attention to the relationship between body and space, art and context, by working within the context of existing historical, architectural and social elements of the Frøyland school very much informed by a site visit in August 2017. It is made on stainless steel and sculptural mirrors that reflect and refract light from the artwork itself and the surroundings, creating thus an immersive environment which engage and challenge our perception of space.


The artwork expresses the uniqueness of the Jæren landscape and display a portion of the spectrum’s transition from shorter to longer wavelengths demonstrating thus the power of light in its relationship with site and setting. These works shall offer an environment for learning, promote respect and exchange of knowledge and interests.


The project was very successful thanks to the team as well. Together with the art project, we have also created a dissemination plan of the art project inspired by Dewey's philosophy - book "Art as experience". I think it is important to think about dissemination not only as a description of the background of artwork, but also how can we stimulate "aesthetic experiences" in children and young people.

Additional Information

The title of the works as the transition from long/ short wavelengths also symbolizes the transition pupils undergo as they pass through their education in the school.