Transformation - CODAworx


Submitted by Nina Menduni


Location: Fayetteville, NY, United States

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

artist/ creator

Nina M Menduni-Kelson

Nina MenduniLLC

base and installation

Columbus Art Memorial

Columbus Art Memorial


Designed for Hope! The backside of the sculpture is the marbles’ original “Madre di cave” which is outside crust of the quarry cave. The original form of the material was left to show the process in which the stone was transformed. Additionally, chisel marks are left on the sides of the piece leading the eye to the highly finished and transformed front. The original patina from the cave is left coloring the highly finished surface of the front. The color from the back shines through the exquisitely carved front of the sculpture.


To inspire hope through concepts of Transformation. A life sized sculpture focusing on the concept of transformation and healing. Ideally this piece would be placed in a hospital, place of worship or Corporation whose focus is on growth and transformation.


This project was designed and created independently but the completion will depend upon the clients space and creative goals.