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“TOTEM – A WALL’S JEWELRY” | The Middle East



Location: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Sebastien Courty

Sebastien Courty LLC


Stephanie Stickel



Textile as Art – Totem, a Wall’s Jewelry is a series of 2D textile totems handwoven using a floor loom.
The concept takes inspiration in the culture, natural resources and commercial activities of a specific country.

The studio creates unique textile artwork by only selecting rare, precious and unexpected components such as 24k gold threads and tobacco leaf. Not limited to fiber, any material that will allow hand weaving methods will be used in a very contemporary approach. The materials selected are of course, directly inspired by the products, minerals or resources the country exports the most which will enables the visitor to dive in each country’s culture and learn more about their social and economical life.

The textile reaches a new dimension, where design meets with art in a prospective reflexion.
Opening people to a different way of thinking, each textile panel becomes a reflection of the country or region represented. It is an invitation to travel and to discover parts of the world

For this commission each woven panel measures about 12 x 53 inches.


The Goal was to bring an international and a deeper understanding of the regions and countries of the Middle East. By using a country's cultural, commercial and economical assets as main inspirations, the artworks become a learning tool, a path to knowledge and an opportunity to draft a link between culture and economy. This series of handwoven panels opens to conversation and enlighten one's vision.


The guidelines and requirements for this project were clear and easily achievable throughout the creation process. Based on the collection of handwoven panels : "Totem - a Wall's Jewelry" the client requested a series of 2D vertical artworks honouring countries of The Middle East for their workshop/office in Dubai. The selection of countries was up to the client. The studio then gathered informations and inspirations for each Totem and came up with mood boards, references and digital stagings. Once the client confirmed the size, colour, overall concept and digital visuals of the commission, the production process began.

Additional Information

From left to right : AFGHANISTAN: 142nd exporter in the world. gold 20%, grapes 12%, pistachios 5.8%, dried fruits 5.2%, sapphires, rubies and emeralds 3.3% SAUDI ARABIA: 27th largest exporter in the world crude petroleum 59%, refined petroleum 10%, plastics 11%, chemical products 9.7% EGYPT: 59th exporter in the world crude petroleum 14%, textile 13%, gold 10%, citrus 2.4% JORDAN: 88th largest exporter in the world, chemical products 33%, textile 23%, gold 3.1%, tomato 5.8%, aluminium 3.3% SYRIA: 158th largest exporter in the world. spices 13%, olive oil 11%, pistachios 4.1%, copper 5.3%, cotton 3.6% BARHAN: 79th largest exporter in the world refined petroleum 24%, crude petroleum 17%, aluminium 23%, textile 4.9% LEBANON: 114th largest exporter in the world gold 21%, jewellery 8.4%, copper 3.1%, chocolate 1.6%, plastics and rubbers 5.1% PALESTINE: 151st largest exporter in the world, building stone 21%, cucumbers 13%, plastics 4.1%, olive oil 3.7%, tobacco 9.8%, iron 1.9% UAE: 25th largest exporter in the world, crude petroleum 21%, refined petroleum 11%, gold 16%, diamond 8.2%, aluminium 2.6%