"MIRAGE" from the collecion of Totem a Wall's Jewelry. - CODAworx

“MIRAGE” from the collecion of Totem a Wall’s Jewelry.

Submitted by Sebastien Courty


Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $340,000

Project Team


Sebastien Courty

Sebastien Courty LLC


Stephanie Stickel



The collection of “Totem – a Wall’s Jewelry” takes inspirations from the culture, natural resources, and commercial activities of a specific country, city or region. Combining rare, precious, and unexpected components such as silver thread, rubber, and copper wire, the final textile panel becomes a window into a community, open to conversation and an invitation to travel and discover parts of the world one has yet to explore.
Not limited to fibers, my work encompasses any materials that allow thread-drawing or hand-weaving methods inter alia to invent contemporary textile art.


The abstract aesthetic and industrial lines of the artwork will integrate organically in the interior and outdoor design choices of the building and open the space. The concept will open conversations and convey a message of harmony and respect by first triggering a fascination and a curiosity. It will comfort students, staff as well as visitors by encouraging a peaceful and safe atmosphere.


I bring my clients conceptual visions to life by creating artworks that surpass their expectations while staying true to my artistic signature which makes any collaboration uniquely distinctive and an enjoyable process. I work with a clear consciousness of environmental challenges. Using recycled or repurposed elements and sourcing materials from fair trades, any artwork is a thoughtful approach to the question of sustainability. I am driven by the creation of works that redefine our notions of unity, concept, representation and personal expression.
The inspiration for this commission was the preservation of the Ocean and the importance of Coral reefs. The studio then gathered informations and inspirations for each Totem and came up with mood boards, references and digital stagings. Once the client confirmed the size, colour, overall concept and digital visuals of the commission, the production process began. An image was selected and then divided in twenty stripes. Every inch of each stripes was closely observed in order to determine which color was more prominent in the given section. Only once all the colors were identified could the weaving process start. This commission is a composition of more than five hundred colors and threads combinations.

Additional Information

I always select materials that show excellent resistance to abrasion, microbial attack, oils as well as great stability to UV rays. In addition the surface of the artwork can be coated with crystal resin making the hand-woven panel completely indestructible, waterproof and extremely low maintenance.