"THE FABRIC OF BELL" Bell Works, Holmdel NJ -Contemporary Fiber Art - CODAworx

“THE FABRIC OF BELL” Bell Works, Holmdel NJ -Contemporary Fiber Art

Submitted by Sebastien Courty


Location: Holdmel, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team


Sebastien Courty

Sebastien Courty LLC


Paola Zamudio



Honoring the research facility “Bell Labs” once was and it’s eight Nobel prizes, “The Fabric of Bell” was designed to merge effortlessly with the iconic Eero Saarinen architecture.

The opportunity to draft a singular identity between the technological achievements the laboratories accomplished and the “Metroburb” Bell Works has become. Hand made with only recycled components, harvested during the redevelopment of Bell Labs into Bell Works and intricately intertwined together with a hint of Bauhaus influence.

Hand-weaving and thread-drawing techniques 1.5×6 feet each (series of 8 panels)
Recycled cables and wires, aluminum, copper, rubber strings and threads, foil, fiber optic, metals, polyurethane and plastic.
Sourced directly for the sites, all materials were recycled and repurposed into a meaningful work or fart. Each hand-woven panels enables the visitor to dive into the history of the building.


This commissioned artwork has become the symbol and statement piece of the campus. Historically drafting a link between the past and present of this iconic Building.


I worked closely with the commissioner who provided me with old cables and other elements dating back several years ago, from the original building's construction. Once the sketch, colours and sizes were confirmed, I started the production of the artwork combining the original elements from the site as well as other fibres and components such as raw copper and rubber yarns.