Torus SZ - CODAworx

Torus SZ

Submitted by Chico Niedzielski

Client: Yuny and Srur Real Estate Developers

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Chico Niedzielski


Yuny and Srur Real Estate Developers

Yuny and Srur Real Estate Developers


A mobile sculpture sitting on a single point in order to turn 360°. DOM and welded Cor-Ten steel plates. Height: 5 meters. Weight: 3.3 tons. Situated at Torre “Z” Condominium at L.C. Berrini ave, São Paulo SP Brazil.


The clients wanted a sculpture for a commercial building. A sculpture to be seen from the avenue by all that are passing by. This sculpture is placed at an important avenues intersection.


This sculpture was built in a metallurgical industry. The artist vision was converted into an engineer project in order to acquire the idealized form.