Torii - CODAworx

Client: Private

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team

Design Architect

Luis Pons

Luis Pons Design Lab

Landscape Architect

Andres Tabora


Light and automatization designer

Donato Helblink

Luis Pons Design Lab


Climate change
Polluted environments
Political Instability
Technological disruptions
Poverty and illnesses

Humanity is experiencing a highly stressful time, causing people to seek out harmony and inner peace, with hopes of feeling centered, unified and safe.
In response to these challenges, Luis Pons Design Lab has created ‘Torii’, an environmental installation that represents the energy flow process of the torus.

From Earth down to its ecosystems and organisms to cells, by embodying the torus’s energy flow process we can integrate and unite our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Each of these, when functioning as a whole, restore the dynamic balance and empower each other.

The Torus is the most coherent, self-generating, and self-sustaining form of dynamic energy. By reminding us of the magnetic fields present in every healthy living system, it is the ultimate tool to find alignment and evolve as Humanity.


Torii is an interactive piece that allows the user to personalize and make it theirs. The main goal is to give control to the user in the way the Torii will look and feel. Its panels and structure can be customized ( material, and texture) and programable light can be added. The piece can be hung or stand directly on the floor or base. What matters is the expression of the collaboration between both parties: Artist and final user. The bond by creating something together, and how the piece brings peace, balance, and harmony into his, or her life.


The piece is the result of the collaboration between two designers from two different fields. An Architect designer wanting to design an outdoor piece, that reflected his personal espiritual practice and a Landscape designer who understood the materials to be used for the piece. An electrical engineer was involved to bring light into the art piece.

Additional Information

The installation is designed to have the rings independently pivot on their axis. Each individual ring is to be covered with different fabrics to create solid or translucent panels, resulting in unique perceptions of the structure. The user can interact, move, and explore these panels and also the spaces between them. The Torii can exist directly on the ground, or it can be suspended in the air through a security wire, in which case the rings need to be all interconnected to stabilize the balance of the structure. The elliptical rings can also be created with aluminum rods and programmable LED silicone stripes attached to them. It would also need a central enclosure to serve as a holding piece, as well as a container for the lighting power supply. In this case, the rings are fixed to an aluminum base and the LED stripes become the interactive feature of the installation. These lights can be programmed to have multiple modes, creating a sublime and hypnotic visual experience.