Tompkins County Civil War Nurses Memorial Tompkins Cortland Community College, Dryden, NY

Submitted by Rob Licht


Client: Tompkins Cortland Community College Foundation

Location: Dryden, NY, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Carol Kammen

Tompkins County Civil War Commission


TC3 Foundation

Tompkins Cortland Community College


Rob Licht


The project consists of a staggered arrangement of 4 silhouettes of Civil War nurses, each with some variability but generally lacking in detail. The grouping follows the edge of a grove of trees up a gentle slope. An interpretive sign gives information on four nurses from the county the project specifically honors. Each nurse carries a functional lantern, powered by a small solar panel. The figures is about 6-6″ feet tall. The overall dimensions are 45 feet by 20 feet. Materials: powder coated steel, concrete, acrylic and lighting components.


This was a multi year design process involving many stakeholders. The needs of the college facilities department had to be addressed as well as the conceptual and aesthetic requirements of the committee. Signage had information that had to be researched by the county historian. Most of the fabrication was in my shop with subcontracting for specific tasks.