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Titanic Kit

Submitted by Tony Stallard


Client: Titanic Quarter

Location: Belfast, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

John Higgins

Harland and Wolffe


Tony Stallard


‘Titanic Kit’
Bronze, Steel and LED Light 14m x 4m 2009
Major sculpture for the Titanic Quarter
Regeneration Project
Housing and Office Development Scheme
(Sculpture for the Waterfront)
A work celebrating the building of the Titanic at Belfast and a playful reference to kit forms and toy structures but mostly to bring the Titanic form back home to Belfast and a dramatic work set as a memorial to the achievement that the ship ever got made in the first place.


The work was a major public artwork commission to celebrate the making of the Titanic at the Titanic Quarter development at Belfast Northern Ireland.As part of a large re redevelopment of Belfast and the Titanic Quarter housing and infra structure. The work was the high point of the development facing Abercorn Basin to celebrate this development


The project had a complex process with engineers, stake holders and urban development all of which had extremely strict deadlines where the work from beginning to end had only 7 months to finalise. This involved creating a very strategic work method where elements would be in place for various stages of the design meetings, fabrication, site meetings, and installation etc…. The design was set in place in order to fulfil these deadlines along with fabrication and contractors in place in order to adhere to schedules of which bronze making took up most of this process early on with engineers working alongside work processes to allow no problems or delays

Additional Information

This project was completed in November 2010.