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Tippy Tippy Tap Tap

Submitted by Smrita Jain

Client: Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Smrita Jain


Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design

Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design


The project is handmade using recycled paper shaped using the Japanese paper origami technique and pinned on the wall one by one using nails. The installation is variable in size and is site-specific.


The goal was to create a playful and colorful temporary installation to show a meticulous abstract design to enhance the space and use the wall space in a unique way. Tippy Tippy Tap Tap, What Colour Do You Want? is a paper origami art installation inspired by Smrita's childhood game. The game is played to figure out one's luck. With this meticulous hand-built art installation she wants to unwind the truth. Truth that success in life comes from hard work, not just wishful thinking. India is full of many different religious practices. Most people depend upon God, or wait for a divine message, to define the course of their lives. Smrita wants this art installation, which is fun, accessible, and colorful, to be a reflection of her own life. A life she has built on hard work, not luck.


This was a solo project and I had the liberty to define how I am going to use the wall space in most creative way possible. The process took about 2 weeks to finish. From collecting the materials to folding more than 5000 sheets of paper, into an orgami shape and then nailing them to the wall gently to create the illusion of movement, playfullness was extremely meticulous.

Additional Information

The project was showcased at Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design and received Honorary Mention at London International Creative Competition 2016, London, UK.