TIp of the Iceberg - CODAworx

TIp of the Iceberg

Client: Burning Man Project

Location: Black Rock City, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Artist, Project Lead

Melissa Barron

Project Fabrication Lead

Marcus Guillard

Project Fabrication Director

Christian Cummings

One Hat One Hand




One Hat One Hand is so excited to share with you one of the most talked about 2023 Burning Man sculptures created by Mellisa ‘Syn’ Barron and fabricated by One Hat One Hand (and a team of dedicated volunteers.)

Tip of the Iceberg is a 30-foot tall, 3D Clitoris sculpture. Fabricated with steel armature, CNC cut foam, and hand-applied stone-like cladding: concrete with embedded stones (river rocks, pyrite, amethyst, and glitter), this project demonstrates our passion and commitment to creating public art that is true to the Artist’s vision.


Tip of the Iceberg underscores how this basic female anatomical knowledge was suppressed until recently and that women’s birthright to pleasure and orgasms is still being treated as obscure, tawdry, or irrelevant.


Tip of the Iceberg demonstrates the remarkable power of collaboration. Melissa Barron "Syn" brought dozens of artists to the project to assist with the laborious build-out task. Key partner RBHU brought critical insight and design to the engineered aspects of the project. This collaborative work was brought together by dozens of people working toward a common goal.

Additional Information

Photography: Jamen Pearcy, Michael Cochran, Marcus Guillard