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Time will Tell

Submitted by Ashley Zelinskie

Client: Yerkes Future Foundation

Location: Williams bay , WI, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Ashley Zelinskie

ashley zelinskie studio llc


Quarra Stone

Quarra Stone


Yerkes Future Foundation

Yerkes Future Foundation


5ft x 5ft x 3ft
Marble, quartzite, granite, bronze

This commissioned work was created for Yerkes Observatory and visualizes the curvature of the fabric of space-time around celestial objects, as described by Einstein, who visited Yerkes in 1921. A planet and its moon, a star modeled from NASA scans of our own sun, and a black hole are represented, each bending space-time in all ways.

The curvature of the white marble grid visualizes the very fabric of spacetime itself – the cosmic tapestry that permeates the universe. The marble bends and twists, responding to the gravitational influence exerted by the celestial bodies it cradles.

Among these is a star cast in bronze, modeled from NASA scans of our sun. In its orbit is a blue planet and its moon locked in a delicate dance. The black hole balances the sun’s nexus of energy and gravity in the piece, and acts as a fulcrum upon which the entire tableau hinges. Each object traces the bending of light and matter as described by Einstein’s equations, which can be seen engraved on the sides of the sculpture. This artwork invites viewers to meditate on the delicate equilibrium that governs our universe and to contemplate the mysteries of the unknown.


Goals for this project were including the rich history of the building and the research done there. I spent several weeks on site learning as much as I could as well as gaining inspiration from stargazing events, library visits, and meeting staff astronomers. It is very important to me to incorporate a message in my work and partner them with appropriate materials to best illustrate the concept and match the on site setting.


The work is crafted from Olympian Pearl and Strom Grey marble from Vermont, striking blue Azul Macaubas quartzite from Brazil, Quarra Black granite from Quebec, and locally cast bronze.

We used large robotic CNC mills to create the stone and worked with a local foundry to produce the star which is made up of 3D scans of our sun from NASA's archives.

Additional Information

The title of the work, “Time Will Tell” refers to the enigma of “lambda” within Einstein's field equations. “Lambda” is linked to the concept of dark energy, a phenomenon that challenges our understanding of the cosmos. Dark energy exists throughout space, but has so far defied direct detection. Its influence strengthens in the absence of matter, driving the Universe's expansion at an accelerating rate. Leading scientists continue to explore dark energy's possible connection to fundamental forces and physics yet to be known. Only time will tell what they discover.