Time is Money - CODAworx

Time is Money

Client: Frost Bank

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $42,000

Project Team


Ansen Seale

Art Consultant

Karen Calvert

Karen Calvert Fine Art Services


One Frost is the operations center for Frost Bank. This work is part of a large collection on 4 floors of their new
Time is Money is an analog timekeeping device displaying hours, minutes and seconds. The view infers the time from
the relationship of the “hands” to unmoving index marks, just like on a standard round clock. Hours on the left.
Minutes on the right. Seconds and index marks occupy the middle 3 stacks.


Some of the goals were: creating a pleasant workspace for Frost employees, building a beautiful and functional piece of art, maintaining the connection between the purpose of the space with the theme of the artwork.


An art consultant contacted the artist to pitch an idea to the client. Once the design was approved, the construction crew integrated the structure for the piece into the building, in terms of structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering.