TIME: And a Clock - CODAworx

TIME: And a Clock

Submitted by Eldon Garnet


Client: City of Toronto

Location: Toronto, On, Canada

Completion date: 1995

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

City of Toronto


Eldon Garnet

Industry Resource



On the eastern entrance to this area of Toronto, on the Queen Street Bridge the text: THIS RIVER I STEP IN IS NOT THE RIVER I STAND IN. Stainless steel letters, 18 inches in height. At the intersection of Broadview and Queen Street: 19” high letters; four expressions about time; embedded in the sidewalk at four corners: TOO SOON FREE FROM TIME; TIME IS MONEY: MONEY IS TIME; BETTER LATE THAN NEVER; TIME=DISTANCE X VELOCITY. Beside the Jimmy Simpson Park are four stainless steel pennants, four declarations of time, a lyrical poem, one word per pole: COURSING, DISAPPEARING, TREMBLING, RETURNING.


Integration into the urban fabric.


Worked with the City of Toronto.