Tiffany’s Hong Kong Landmark - CODAworx

Tiffany’s Hong Kong Landmark

Submitted by Christian Lahoude Studio

Client: Tiffany & Co.

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Christian Lahoude



Nami Sawada

Nami Sawada


This project is a complete renovation for Tiffany’s jewelry store located in Landmark building in Central Hong-Kong. A full architectural intervention included a storefront design and interiors creating an environment connecting the brand’s rich history and identity with today’s customer in Asia.


The goal was to tend to the visitors upon entrance, guiding them through the two-story space. It was significant to give a global understanding of the architectural environment and the emotional experience connecting to the brand. Using metallic and pearlescent mediums in faceted geometries of the diamond and the worldly recognized yet unique Tiffany Blue, artist Nami Sawada gave her installation a dynamic and organic feeling through repetition as if it the process was overseen by nature.


Architect Christian Lahoude challenged Japanese Installation artist Nami Sawada to be inspired by Tiffany's most iconic jewel, the diamond ,its geometry and its intrinsic make-up by nature. Drawing inspiration from the brand's identity and the famous Tiffany Blue, Nami's understanding of the planned architectural space that spans two levels integrated an installation that allows the commissioned art to be perfectly married to the sweeping staircase.