Location: Madrid, Spain

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Chief of production

Curro melero



Ruben P Bescos


Tierra/Earth. A luminous red sphere caged inside a structure
In “Tierra”, SpY presents an artistic project made up of a luminous red sphere caged inside a cube-shaped structure, constructed with the type of scaffolding normally used on building sites.
These 2 simple geometric elements (sphere and cube) form a large-scale construction which stands almost 25 metres high and has been installed in Plaza de Colón in Madrid.
This powerful visual statement is accompanied by a bright red light emanating from inside the sphere, from which one can almost feel the heat transmitted by the concept of the work.
In this work, SpY asks us to reflect on the way in which our home makes up a whole of which we form part, and in which everything is connected as if it were a living creature. There have always been changing climate conditions and the Earth has always been constantly evolving. However, as a consequence of human activity, these changes are happening over a very short period of time and have resulted in worrying alterations.


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