Submitted by Hooman Mehdizadehjafari


Client: Tehran Beautification Organization

Location: Tehran, Iran

Completion date: 2009

Project Team


Hooman Mehdizadehjafari

Structural Engineer

Nima Roohi


The artwork is an abstract impression of a thunder strike on a busy street corner in the capital city of Tehran. “Thunder” is about 12 feet tall, 13 feet wide, and 26 feet long and is made of coated black steel with a naturally-created texture and coloration.

Photo credit: Hamed Farhangi – Roosmarijn Pallandt


This modern public artwork creates an active space in this fast-paced urban area. Many of the onlookers pass by the piece while driving so the impact needed to be brisk and spontaneous, just like a lightning. It is, on the other hand, designed to allow the pedestrians to interact with it in the most tangible way as they walk through it, taking a sit break or hang on it, and even slide down on it. All these explorations would change the audience's interaction with public art in a more engaging way.

"Thunder" proves that public art does not need to be complex in order to make an impact.


At the time of its installation, "Thunder" was a pioneering and unusual public art to the public in Iran, so the design needed to go through several permit approval phases by the City. After it was installed, the community became more and more familiarized with this new approach in public art.