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Through The Nature

Submitted by DECOL Media Arts Studio

Client: Boyner Concept Store

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team

Project Management

Cihan Çankaya

DECOL New Media Studio

Creative Director

Ahmet Said Kaplan

DECOL New Media Studio

Art Director

Okan Yıkmış

DECOL New Media Studio

Game Developer

Çağrı Yücetürk

DECOL New Media Studio

Manager at Client Site

Serde Ndirler


3d Modelling

Barış Türkmen

DECOL New Media Studio

Commisoner & Company Owner

Cem Boyner



Through Nature creates a virtual habitat by using any weather data of a city in real-time. It shows an endless tour depending on the real-world weather conditions in a garden created by remodelling Turkey's endemic plant species in the 3D world. In this work, we see that the vitality of the 'Core' diversifies when it comes to the store's upper floors. We become a part of the course of this nature through the eyes of a bird in the diversity of living things, and more complex structures in nature and an open world. Unique - Endemic Flora of Turkey and Technological structure of the work. Interactive - With the weather and day cycle of Kadıköy and with the audience. Infinite Change - With a constantly changing camera ride and the constant change of flora in Turkey's seasonal cycles. Reel - Surreal: Photo realistic nature design and harmonious surreal realistic constructions.


Our project aims to emphasize the relationship between human activity and climate on nature, and the importance of protecting Turkey's unique plant species. To achieve this, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to create a simulated natural environment within an urban landscape. In addition to showcasing speculative flora, we also feature surreal art pieces in the Garden. By transmitting data about Kadıköy's weather, we highlight the impact of climate on the natural world. Our ultimate goal is to show how individuals can positively impact nature and conserve Turkey's rich biodiversity. Interestingly, Turkey boasts the highest number of endemic species in Europe, with over 3000 unique plant species. By drawing attention to the simultaneous impact of climate and people on nature, we hope to inspire others to protect and preserve our planet.


Our team was approached by Boyner, a fashion retail company, to create an installation that embodies their commitment to sustainability. After consulting with Boyner, we decided to design a living media facade that utilizes game engines to showcase a unique natural environment. Our team created a 3D model of indigenous plant species and surreal sculptures to bring this vision to life. By utilizing real-time climate data, we developed a virtual ecosystem that changes in response to specific parameters, resulting in a vibrant virtual world that mimics the natural environment. Additionally, we developed a user-friendly website and mobile app that allows visitors to interact with some of the natural elements, making the installation more accessible. It's worth noting that Boyner wanted to emphasize its commitment to sustainability in its flagship store, and our system was flawlessly integrated with computer software to ensure a seamless and functional entity.

Additional Information

This project can be replicated and implemented in various locations around the world, taking into account the specific endemic plant species and weather conditions of each region.