Thresholds - CODAworx


Submitted by Nicole Mueller



Location: Richmond, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Nicole Mueller


Amy Spencer


Using layers of transparent colored vinyl, “Thresholds” activated the natural light and windows of this gallery space during artist Nicole Mueller’s solo exhibition of the same name, casting colored shapes across the gallery and Mueller’s paintings on the opposite wall.

The piece was made with organically cut vinyl shapes, layered over the windows, approx. 10 x 38 ft. in dimension, and installed during the artist’s 2019 solo exhibition at the Richmond Art Center in Richmond, California.


Paired with a series of paintings depicting colorful environments suspended in a state of flux, Mueller explores the relationship between her window installation and paintings, and the space in between.

Combining the effects of stained glass with contemporary abstract painting. "Thresholds" emphasizes the transition from exterior to interior, and consequent transformation of light as it passes through the piece. The colored light forms cast throughout the gallery come alive with the sun at certain moments in the day, and interact with Mueller's paintings on the walls to create a conversation that is as vibrant and animated as it is fleeting.