They Sailed Away for a Year and a Day

Submitted by Cappy Thompson


Client: Tukes Valley School in partnership with Washington State Arts Commission

Location: Battle Ground, USA

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $62,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Cappy Thompson

Washington State Arts Commission


Cappy Thompson

Cappy Thompson Studio, Inc


For this commission in an Elementary/Middle School the artist proposed a narrative frieze of painted glass for the Media Center. Located front and center, the windows create a welcome glow when students arrive early in the morning. The interior space is split into two distinct areas for younger and older students. Two themes were chosen—a parade of activity over the course of a single day for the elementary school, and the four seasons for the middle school.


This commission was designed with the intention of creating an artwork that would be engaging, imaginative and inclusive. Additionally, the colorful band of windows connects and enlivens the two sides of the media center.


The artist met with a committee of teachers, parents, and administrators to discuss the project and to select a site. Drawings detailing the window designs and colors were presented along with a schedule and budget. The artist fabricated the windows in her Seattle studio, and coordinated the installation with the project architect and school staff.