Thermophile Zone II - CODAworx

Thermophile Zone II

Client: Art Matters

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Art Consultant

Stacy Sklaver

Art Matters


Jessica Ramone

Go Girl Friday LLC


Susan Madacsi


Thermophile Zone II, Forged and fabricated steel, enamel, wax, 48″ x 144″


This large scale piece was based off of a smaller sister work created for the 2016 “Melalmorphosis” exhibition at the Belleview Art Museum in Washington State. We expanded the size of the design to fit this specific wall location. The completed piece was crated by Madacsi Studios and shipped in three panels to the art service group, who completed the install. As is typical, we shipped the work with French cleats and mounting hardware. It is our standard to discuss installation of work and mounting substrate in order to make the installation go as smoothly as possible.


This piece is composed of hundreds of medallions; each one forged and painted by hand, linked together to create a scene inspired by the vibrant, natural variations of prismatic color and textures of geothermal hot springs. The bright colors of these ancient pools are caused by tiny living organisms, which thrive in these extreme environments. They create a peculiar vividness, which transforms as the water spreads out and cools, creating concentric circles of varying hues.

Additional Information

Install photos courtesy ArtMatters - art consultant, Washington, DC. View this Project on our website: