The Whirling World - CODAworx

The Whirling World

Submitted by Sean Capone

Client: Penn State University College of Engineering + Campus Arts Initiative

Location: State College, PA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Director, Lead Artist

Sean Capone

Technical Design, Fabrication




The Whirling World is an experiential video-projection mural commissioned by Penn State University. Currently installed and on view daily at the College Of Engineering, this work consists of a series of interconnected animated scenes which draw upon a variety of inspirations ranging across the fields of art, design, scientific visualization and technology.
This video is the introduction/trailer to a series of short documentary movies which reveal details of the installation and the creative process that went into each aspect of the project.


The work was designed site-specifically for the student lounge at the College of Engineering. The project features a thoughtful interplay between the architectural grid of the building's interior, the visibility of the outside public environment, and the generative metamorphosis of the digital space depicted on the screens, which are embedded in a row of window bays across an all-glass facade.